DX MMA/Boxing Training Punching Bag 3ft/4ft

> Premium quality filled punch bag built using durable Maya Hide Skin
> Loop-X Straps will efficiently bear the weight and keeps the punch bag firm upon contact.
> Meticulously crafted stitching so that the material won't start ripping.
> Flamboyant exterior makes it a must-have item for all your workouts.
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Brand: DX
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Rs. 8,500
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Equip yourself with the state of the art DX punch bag. Designed using Maya Hide Skin, the punch bag will remain crack and tear free. Loop-X straps help you hang the punch bag with ease and assists in shape retention. Reinforced stitching is carried out for long-lasting perfection. The Bag is filled with shredded textile that proves to be pivotal in shock absorption.

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