JOOLA MAXXX-P Table Tennis Rubber

Line: Performance I Sponge: Tensity I Surface: Advanced Traction I Hardness: Medium I Speed: 6.5 I Spin : 8.5 I Trajectory: 8.5 I Precision: 8.5
Product Code: JoolaP
Brand: Joola
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Take your spin game to the next level with the JOOLA Maxxx-P Table Tennis Rubber! The medium hardness of the Tensity sponge provides you with the necessary elasticity, feeling, and control needed to harness the full spin and power potential of this table tennis rubber. Designed to maximize spin, the specialized pimple geometry makes for lethal spin attacks. Additional improved ball coupling is made possible with Advanced Traction Surface technology. Weaponize your game with the JOOLA Maxxx-P.

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