DX Boxing Gloves

> Max-Shock TM Equilibrium FOAM for efficient shock absorption
> Zara Hide leather with SpongeX PADDING ensures added resistance against high intensity force.
> Quick-EZ hook-and-loop strap diminishes any chance of injury due to wrist misalignment.
> Evolutionary Loma tech technology is incorporated for a more conclusive built.
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Engineered for battle and backed with the most advanced technologies, these boxing and training gloves are untouchable in the ring. The reinforced coating and shock resistant padding makes them the ideal sparring or kickboxing gloves, made using zara hide leather to weather the hardest of shots from your opponent. With strategically placed perforations, these punching gloves offer maximum ventilation by wicking away sweat and keeping your hands as cool as your head. Also designed with a smart Hook-and-loop wrist strap for adjustability and unbeatable wrist support to help hone your punch technique.(8OZ, 10OZ,12OZ & 14 OZ SIZE RECOMMENDED FOR ALL YEARS OF AGE)

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